Photo by  Joseph Cottrell

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Photo by Joseph Cottrell


A radio host and his DJ plant pal are frustrated with contemporary music television and attempt to return to it’s roots with the help of musicians, artists, viewers at home, and a tropical getaway. 

Sound Waves is a late night interactive talk show all about music; join Mr. Jolt, Dj Woozles and an odd assortment of beach characters as they travel through an island full of music adventures and artist interviews. Jump in on the fun and submit your music videos, songs, album recommendations or even dance moves for a chance to appear on the show.


Mr. Jolt

Owner of Jolt Radio, radio-host Mr. Jolt is always interviewing talented musicians and artists on the air; he wants to take the big step into music television but is frustrated with it’s current state and isn't sure if it’s possible.

*Jolt is knowledgeable in radio and music, loves disco, pizza and beer.

Dj Woozles

Woozles’ is Mr. Jolt’s plant best friend who djs for the station and believes that it is possible to embark on this journey, but only with the help of musicians and artists together.

*Woozles is knowledgeable in music and arts, enjoys surfing, reefer and spanish music.


A magical androgynous sand person with a big heart and is always willing to help. She/he can change into different sand sculptures and is also a relative of the folklore mythical character “The Sandman”.

Goth Dolph

A pretentious dolphin who loves obscure goth music, cigarettes and Edgar Allen Poe.

*Goth Dolph enjoys criticizing Mr. Jolt but he is not his enemy.

Corporate Spies

On an island where music television is forbidden, these two speedo wearing henchman make sure everyone is following the evil corporate beach Queen’s rules.